Kalyan Matka | कल्याण मटका रिजल्ट आज का देखें

कल्याण सट्टा बाजार द्वारा दोपहर बाद  4:20 PM पर इसकी (Kalyan Satta Matka Open Ka Result 10.5.2021) घोषणा की जाती है.

शाम  को 6:20 PM पर क्लोज (Kalyan Satta Matka Close Ka Result) का रिजल्ट आएगा जिससे कल्याण मटका की फाइनल जोड़ी (Kalyan Satta Matka Final Jodi Ka Result) का रिजल्ट तय होगा.

कल्याण रिजल्ट
कल्याण रिजल्ट

Satta Matka Kalyan Result Today Full Chart

Satta Matka Kalyan Result Chart
16/4/2021 135/9 570/2 92
17/4/2021 179/7 478/9 79
18/4/2021 * * *
19/4/2021 169/6 459/8 68
20/4/2021 589/2 457/6 26
21/4/2021 344/1 240/6 16
22/4/2021 448/6 358/6 66
23/4/2021 370/0 457/6 06
24/4/2021 277/6 134/8 68
25/4/2021 ** ** **
26/4/2021 460/0 288/8 08
27/4/2021 349/6 123/6 66
28/4/2021 278/7 190/0 70
29/4/2021 257/4 470/1 41
30/4/2021 679/2 480/2 22
1/5/2021 137/1 456/5 15
2/5/2021 ** ** **
3/5/2021 367/6 466/6 66
4/5/2021 110/2 558/8 28
5/5/2021 124/7 699/4 74
6/5/2021 990/8 227/1 81
7/5/2021 160/7 390/2 72
8/5/2021 590/4 139/3 43
9/5/2021 ** ** **
10/5/2021 256/3 350/8 38
11/5/2021 138/2 145/0 20
12/5/2021 168/5 269/7 57

सट्टा मटका रिजल्ट वेबसाइट डीपी बॉस (Satta Matka Dot Com DP Boss) से ये रिजल्ट लिया गया है.

हालांकि कल्याण ओपन (Kalyan Open) और क्लोज (Kalyan Close) का रिजल्ट पूरी सावधानी से प्रकाशित किया जाता है फिर भी कृपया कल्याण मटका सट्टा (Kalyan Matka Satta)  के अधिकृत लोगो से ही रिजल्ट का पता करें.

हमारी तरफ से Kalyan Satta रिजल्ट को लेकर किसी को होने वाले नुकसान को लेकर कोई जिम्मेदारी नहीं होगी.

हम किसी सट्टा मटका गेम (Satta Matka Game) को खेलने के लिए आपको प्रोत्साहित नहीं करते है .

भारत के कई राज्यों में ये गैर कानूनी धंधा है ऐसे में सट्टा मटका (Satta Batta) खेलते पाए जाने पर आप पर कानूनी कार्यवाही और जुरमाना हो सकता है.

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Welfare Result | See Kalyan Matka Result Today?0Kalyan matka Satta Result: In today’s article, we are going to give you the results of Satta Matka Satta Matka, Satta Matka Result, Satka Matka Satka Matka, Kalyan Chart Result, Satka Matka Kalyan, Satka Matka, KALYAN KA RESULT, Kalyan Satta Result, SATA Matka, Satta Matka, Kalyan Matka Satta, Kalyan Matka Open as today we get a lot of speculative matka results in Mumbai which are very beneficial for playing this game They are!

The operation of speculative matka in every state has increased a lot! The country’s most famous market welfare, the result of which is announced daily through the dpboss website at 4:00 pm. As usual, the results of this market have been announced through dpboss website. So which pair of winners have we emerged from Kalyan Matka Bazaar through dpboss website as a result for you today? Have learnt about it and made a small attempt to give you this post!Welfare Results If you look at it, every day some website declares the results of kalyan result and kalyan matka result on your website but if you did not have that accurate and accurate information about kalyan matka speculative result, I had already told you that we give you only one day kalyan matka result, kalyan satta result if you get the full chart or today’s welfare result If you want to see kalyan satta result, you can view kalyan result kalyan result and kalyan satta matka chart from sw boss website !Kalyan Matka Speculative Result The secret of satta matka kalyan being popular is that the results come every day and people also watch satta matka.com website with great relish.


First, when it is a place where the matka result is known by many names, satta matka.com, satta matka result, kalyan satta matka, kalyan satta matka, kalyan matka result, satta matka kalyan result, matka matka result, matka result, kalyan result are known by many names as its popularity has increased so much that people eagerly wait for it Welfare Result | See Kalyan Matka Result Today?Satta Matka game is very popular in India and people here play this game with great relish. People must be aware of kalyan matka market which is the largest matka market in the country. Satta Matka’s largest market welfare has resulted in a 448-6 pair of winners today. Those who have invested their money to try their luck by selecting 448-6 pairs. The fate of those people has gone along and they have benefited well.DisclaimerUsing speculative games in India is a completely legal offence. If a person is caught using this game. So, the person can be sentenced to 1 year imprisonment and a fine of ₹1000.

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